The Brazilian hair treatment promises to make your hair straight, not frizzy and easy to comb, so your hair is always tidy, soft and shiny. Let’s see specifically what this treatment consists of, how it works and what are the possible risks of a treatment that promises to make a common dream come true for almost all women!

What is Brazilian ironing?

Brazilian hair straightening is a keratin-based smoothing treatment for hair.

It is a restructuring, anti-frizz and anti-humidity treatment that makes the hair soft, smooth and shiny for about 3-5 months – depending on the type of hair – without using a straightener or hair dryer. It is intended for all women with hair damaged by meches or dyes, with a tendency to split ends or frizz.

The most common type of Brazilian treatment today is a natural system (the chemical system that contains formaldehyde is almost completely unused) that allows to obtain straight, soft and restructured hair from the inside thanks to the natural elements it uses:

keratin, a protein that is the main constituent of hair, nails and hair. It acts as a glue for the various components of the hair making it waterproof, hydrated and therefore more resistant to external agents.
Cysteine (essential amino acid) present in the outer layer of the hair that promotes the natural regrowth of nails and hair and makes them more resistant.
Acai which is the fruit of a palm tree typical of the Amazon, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, essential fatty acids, polyphenols and phytosterols useful to regenerate and nourish hair in depth.

How is the keratin smoothing treatment done?

After shampooing and drying the hair, proceed with the hair treatment in this way:

You divide all the hair into large strands.
Spread the treatment product, using a brush, starting from the base of each strand and ending at the ends.
After covering all the strands, dry the hair using the hair dryer at low speed and with warm air.

Divide the hair into thin strands again and pass the straightener 7-8 times on each strand so that the heat activates the keratin principles.
Then wash the hair and apply the appropriate mask to close the cuticles and prolong the treatment results.
Leave the mask on for a few minutes (4 or 5) and rinse the hair thoroughly. Then you can proceed with the fold.

With some products for 2-4 days after the treatment, hair should not be washed.

How long do the effects of Brazilian hair straightening last?

As already mentioned, the keratin treatment promises soft, silky, shiny and, above all, restructured hair with a lasting effect over time. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the type of hair, the speed of hair regrowth and the frequency of washing. In general, the average duration should be about 3 months, but it can be as long as 4 or 5 months.

How much is Brazilian ironing?

How much does a Brazilian treatment cost?

We can say that the price varies according to two factors:

type of hair - more or less curly, frizzy or damaged by meches, dyes or split ends,
hair length.

Approximately, however, once you have evaluated the quality and quantity of the hair, the cost of the Brazilian treatment ranges between 100 euros and 250 euros, for longer and thicker hair.

Benefits and contraindications of keratin ironing

Compared to other straightening treatments the Brazilian one has the advantage of strengthening the hair and nourishing the hair fiber giving health to the hair. For this reason the Brazilian hair treatment is not only a straightening treatment, but also an effective system of thermal capillary restructuring.

It is important to pay attention to the components of keratin treatments that could contain formaldehyde, a chemical product used as a preservative that not only penetrating the hairline can cause dermatitis and hair loss, but that since 2014 has been included by IARC (International Association for Cancer Research) among the carcinogenic elements.

However, since its long-term effects are unknown, it is always better to avoid Brazilian ironing during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The choice of smoothing treatment: advice.

First of all, it is important to be wary of do-it-yourself products and it is much better to rely on a professional who is able to apply the treatment correctly and who can tell us whether or not it is suitable for our characteristics.
No less important is to be absolutely wary of all imitations, even at low cost if you do not know the components and you are not sure of their beneficial effects!
Do not treat your hair with products containing sodium chloride or sodium sulphate which damage the hair and reduce the results of the treatment.

So let’s stay with our feet on the ground, let’s find out from an expert hairdresser who is able to carry out the treatment and then enjoy the effects that are not miraculous but certainly welcome and of great help, without longer sessions under ferocious brush strokes and endless ironing with the straightener!

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