So have you decided what you want to be for Halloween? Or, if you have children, have they decided what they are wearing out trick-or-treating? If you are last minute like me, and also don’t want to spend any extra money, check out what you already have in your own home in the way of clothing and props and if you don’t want to wear a mask, making up the face can be fun and the end result can be authentic looking as well as very dramatic. You might not have everything you need in the way of cosmetics but they can easily be found in your local drug stores, supermarkets, or costume stores. Children who do not like to wear masks may also accept your applying makeup to their face just so they can avoid wearing the mask.

No matter what creation you are going for, get out your makeup brushes and sponges, mascara, eyeshadows, bright lipsticks, shimmery powders, and anything else you might have to see what you might still need to pick up at the store. If you read through the following ideas you might find what you actually need before making that trip.

Clowns are one of the first costumes that come to mind that are easy to throw together and usually you can get by without having to buy too much in the way of makeup at the store. Mismatched clothing, oversized clothing, and loud bright colors work extremely well for the costume. As for the makeup you probably will need to buy a couple of items such as some white face paint, setting powder, and a white pencil. If the costume is for a child, you can probably also skip doing the white face and just apply bright circles of rouge or blush to the cheeks. You can line the eyes with eyeliner and/or paint some fancy designs on the eyelids with an eyebrow pencil. Using the same eyebrow pencil or a lipstick pencil in any shade you desire, draw on some unusual eyebrows that will raise the brows of those around you. Use red lipstick to draw on an extra large happy smile or sad expression. Now, if the clown face is for an adult, let’s not skip the white face. Outline the entire face with a white pencil. Outline the lip area and where you are going to apply color near the eyes. Take your makeup sponge and press it in the white face paint. Start applying the paint from the outline and working the paint inward. Use a circular motion toward the center of the face. Next, use white or clear setting powder and lightly dust the face. Now this is when you want to put your creative juices to work. Perhaps instead of rosy cheeks in the shape of circles, you might want to draw a diamond shape on one cheek in one bright color and a star on the other in a different bright color. Use some glittery type eyeshadow on the eyes and how about applying some wild fake eyelashes? I think you get the idea.

What if you wanted to be something that required some nasty looking bruises? Using purple and blue eyeshadows and a damp makeup brush will do the trick. Take some bits of black and charcoal color eyeshadow and apply it with dry fingertips. Using green eyeshadow, smudge some around the edges. Blend all the colors together with clean fingertips or a clean cosmetic sponge.

So you want to be a rock star do you? Using foundation that is a shade lighter than you usually use, apply it to your entire face with a foundation makeup brush. This will cause the rest of the makeup to stand out more. Apply black eyeliner on both the bottom and top of your lash lines and then using a circular motion, take your finger and smudge the applied eyeliner. Next comes the eyeshadow. Apply to both eyelids using your fingers to also smudge it on using circular motions. The reason for this is to avoid the makeup looking like it has been put on in layers and it giving a more blended appearance. Starting at the outer end of your eye crease, apply glitter and using a brush work it around the crease to the inner end of the eye. Then brush the glitter upwards to your eyebrows. If you have the same color glitter as the eyeshadow it provides for a more dramatic affect. Next apply several coats of black mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes. To finish off the job, use some dark red lipstick to make that rockstar statement.

Last but not least, you can always revert to being a ghost, and I’m not talking about cutting some holes in a sheet for eyes, nose and mouth. A more realistic ghost is one that never sleeps and thus must have dark circles around and under their eyes. So, to achieve this affect you will need a navy blue and gray eyeshadow, or gray and black eyeshadow. Use an eyeshadow brush and apply the darker color of the two under your eye in the inner corner. Next you will want to blend that application out and down. Take the lighter color of the two shades and apply it on the outer corner and then blend inward and downward so that it meets the darker color. If you want your eyes to pop, apply black eyeliner along the upper and lower lash line. For the lips you have a couple of options. If you can find a black, blue, or deep burgundy lipstick, this works great. Another option is to use a nude lip color and then tone it down with a blue-tinged gloss or lipstick on the top. If you are going for the invisible look apply a very light concealer. Apply white powder to your hair and its a done deal.

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