It’s getting close to the season when there will be a variety of party invitations coming your way. The holidays spark all sorts of festive occasions that provide us with opportunities to get gussied up. Whether we are dressing up for the party or just wearing something seasonal or casual, the one thing that really sets off the look is manicured fingernails and toenails. There are so many fun holiday nail colors that are just hitting the marketplace and whether your fingernails or short or long, having them in good shape can really enhance the look of the polish.

There are a variety of nail care products in the marketplace, and depending on what your particular nails are lacking, will depend on what type product you should buy. One of the biggest complaints I hear from both men and women are that they seem to have trouble with their nails being soft and splitting. Another problem is that so many of us have this nasty habit of biting our nails when we’re nervous, or because they are soft or thin, the nails tend to peel off in layers. If either of these are a problem for you, there are two products that I am recommending today that are excellent for these situations.

If you have thin, soft, splitting, and/or peeling nails, the product for you is by Nailtique. Nailtique Nail Protein Formula 2 is a unique blend of protein and conditioners. The protein in this formula immediately acts to help bond the nails that are splitting or peeling. All you have to do is to apply this product to your nails just as you would any nail polish. If you apply the product once a day for several days you will be building up a protective layer on your nails while at the same time is is helping to strengthen the nail. It will take several weeks before you should notice any improvement, but it by far is one of the best products for this particular type of problem.

Now for all you nail biters out there. Orly has a nail care product called “No Bite”. Yes, it is exactly what it says. If you put your finger up to your mouth to start nipping away at your nail, you will not be happy with the result. The bitter taste will definitely deter you from the usual nail biting and thus your nails will have the opportunity to grow out instead of you having to contend with that annoying and sometimes painful nail biting habit. This treatment can be used alone or over nail polish. It dries to a natural looking non shiny finish.

Selecting The Right Nail Color

I’m sure that most of you who polish your fingernails, or toenails, and go with a color rather than the “french manicure” or “pink and whites”, debate over what color to wear each and every time it is time to change your color. It can be a dilemma simply because if you are anything like me, it has got to coordinate with what I’m wearing or the color will really stand out in a negative way rather than positive. Also, if the color just doesn’t go with your skin tone, it can also be a problem for you. So how do we overcome this?

I ran into a shopper recently who shared this great idea with me. I then later read in a Family Circle Magazine that Essie Weingarten, the creative head and CEO of Essie Nail Polish also had this same idea that the customer shared with me. When you are ready to try a new color, and are in a place where they let you sample a color, take a piece of clear tape on a clean nail and brush color over it to see if the shade is the right one for you. Now granted, most stores are not going to have a tape dispenser at your disposal, but if you already know that you are going to be shopping for a new nail polish color, then simply throw a small tape dispenser in your purse and you are good to go.

I have tried this idea and I’m telling you it works. It is so much easier to tear off the piece of tape from your nail and discard rather than having to go home and get out the polish remover. And, I wasn’t second guessing my color selection once I got home with the newly purchased polish.

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