If you are looking for some romance, what are some good tips in the area of applying your makeup? Well, there have been some surveys conducted and according to one conducted by UCLA, 65% of men say that the first thing they notice about a woman is her eyes. Obviously, the reason for this is that women often translate their feelings through the expression of their eyes more so than through speaking. So, if this is really true, don’t we want to show some emphasis on creating a soft, wide-eyed effect? According to Gucci Westman, “Eye makeup that’s too heavy and aggressive defeats the purpose”. The key to emphasizing the eye is blending and smudging your eye shadows and eye liners. Westman says that “ romantic makeup is more creamy than powdery.” She prefers creamy shadows in neutral hues with a little bit of shimmer. Also, when it comes to making your eyebrows stand out, she recommends brushing them with brow powder rather than a pencil because the pencil can make the brows appear too severe.

What about the cheeks? Staying with the creams, a creamy blush that is rubbed on the apples of your cheeks and then applying a very light dusting of shimmery bronzer should do the trick. According to Westman, powder blushes can easily end up looking like you have stripes on your cheekbones so it’s best to avoid them. It’s the natural “flush” that we should be going after to set the tone or mood.

Delicate shades of lipstick are reflective of a smiling and happy woman in love, says Westman. Shades of pink, berry and rose help to portray this look and Westman suggests leaving off the lip liner and just dabbing on the lip color with your finger to obscure any edges. If you are seeking a dramatic shade, try a rich red lip gloss instead of the lipstick. Gloss can make lips look juicy.

Last, but certainly not least, the skin sets the stage for everything else. Researchers at St. Andrews University in Scotland found that women who wear too much foundation might also be covering up their natural glow. Westman says that “luminous skin is simply more appealing. It’s lush and dreamy.” To achieve this look, use a foundation liquid cream makeup brush ( I like Spornette’s Marche Foundation Liquid Cream Brush) to apply a lightweight liquid foundation all over your face and you will end up with that more unified look.

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