If someone asked you the question what is meant by a salon hair dryer stand, would you think the question meant the type of professional hair dryers that people sit under at the beauty salon, or would you think it meant a salon hair dryer, i.e. a hair dryer used by a salon stylist or salon professional?

In my mind a salon style hair dryer is one that is typically found just in a beauty salon and it is the type that you sit under while either drying your hair or having your hair processed for a perm or hair color. If we are on the same page, then you are in the right spot.

Salon style hair dryers do not have to be exclusive to a beauty salon. There are several brands in the marketplace that offer the hooded rollabout type dryer. These dryers are inexpensively priced considering the alternative of having one that is identical to one in a salon. In fact, some smaller salons use the hooded rollabout type dryer because of its ease in maneuverability.

So, if what you want in your home or salon business is an alternative to the higher priced hooded dryers, the rollabout models are the answer. Two of the more popular brands that are available are the BaByliss and Hot Tools brands.

The BaByliss Ionic Hooded Stand Up Dryer is a 1600 watt dryer that comes with 3 temperature settings. The ionic technology conditions the hair for a softer,shinier look and reduces frizz while drying the hair faster. The adjustable bonnet with the lift-up visor is an added convenience for easy fitting. BaByliss provides a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The Hot Tools Tourmaline Hooded Roll About Stand Up hair dryer is an 1875 watt dryer that comes with 2 speeds and 4 heat options. This dryer too has the ionic technology but also the extra added tourmaline feature which cleanses hair of odors and impurities. The nano tourmaline is a penetrating form of heat that passes through the hair cuticle, resulting in more shine and softness with less over-dried hair. Hot Tools also has an adjustable visor which can be adjusted to your comfort. Hot Tools provides a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Both dryers are an excellent value and aside from the previously mentioned features, they have other features that they share in common. Both have removable lint filters for ease in cleaning, adjustable height, and long cords for ease in placement.

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