If you are like most of us who need to add some height or extra oomph to their hair, back combing or teasing our hair is definitely an option. I know I have always used combs to accomplish this and never really thought about styling brushes. However, I was just recently introduced to a brush by my hairdresser that worked so well on teasing my hair that I decided I needed to write about it.

For those of you who haven’t already seen this brush, it is called Spornette’s Little Wonder Brush. This little brush is approximately 9 inches in length, but more importantly, the tail handle measures approximately 4 1/2 inches, which is just ideal for picking up hair sections. The bristles on this brush are both tourmaline enhanced nylon bristles with adjacent rows of boar bristles. The combination of these bristles easily pick up the section of hair that needs to be teased. The density of the bristles lend itself to making this task a simple one. All you have to do is hold up the section that you have selected to be teased. Take the brush and starting several inches from the scalp brush against the hair in a downward motion toward the scalp. You will see that you are instantly creating small tangles, which is what creates the volume and holds the hair in place. Be careful as you do not want to make the tangles so tight that the hair ends up breaking off because you had to use force in brushing or combing it out. Once you have teased the hair to your satisfaction, you can then smooth over the areas of hair that will cover the teasing, apply some hair spray and you are done.

Spornette’s Little Wonder Brush comes in three different bristle colors. You have your choice of blue, pink, and yellow. It is a fun little brush that packs a big punch. It will fit very easily in a purse and can be taken with you anywhere. It is also a very affordable brush so you just might want to buy a couple to have on hand or be able to tote around with you.

Smart Heat: The Latest Technology in Hair Dryers

Who would have thought that there would be a hairdryer invented that simply by pushing a button you would automatically set the heat at the right temperature based on the type of hair you have? Well, now there is one. The Belson Gold ‘N Hot Elite Smart Heat™ Professional Ionic Dryer does exactly what I’ve described.

This latest innovative technology that has been applied to this professional hairdryer lets you select from five different buttons that identify five different hair types. If you have coarse, medium, thin, very fine, or even if you need to dry a synthetic or natural hair extension, this dryer will meet your needs. The dryer is lightweight and its perfectly balanced body style makes it extremely easy to handle and use. Additionally, as an extra added bonus, the dryer comes with a hair concentrator, diffuser, and double pik!!

The ionic technology used by Smart Heat ™ is designed to maintain the body, moisture and luster of each hair type without overdrying or overstyling. It is a win-win on this professional hairdryer and Belson Gold ‘N Hot didn’t stop there. You can also find their Smart Heat™ technology in four different sizes of curling irons and a one inch flat iron. Way to go Belson Gold ‘n Hot!!!

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