With so many professional styling brushes to choose from, what makes a boar brush stand out? They tend to be more expensive and yet I see people spending the money for them. What do they do for your hair that makes it worthwhile to pay the extra cost? deville

First of all, boar bristles are natural bristles and are not manufactured like plastic and nylon bristles. This automatically adds to the cost. More importantly, however, using a boar bristle brush does so much for your hair. When using a boar bristle brush you are actually helping to clean your hair. These brushes also help to redistribute the oils that are produced by your scalp. And, if you are looking for a brush to help massage your scalp, the boar bristle is the one. It even seals the cuticles of your hair resulting in shiny hair.

What’s not to like about a boar bristle brush? They even come in various types and should be selected based on your hair type. If you have really long hair I would suggest using a paddle brush. If you have thin or fine hair, try using a brush where the bristles are widely spaced. If you are styling your hair and are shooting for body or more volume, try a boar bristle round brush.

Getting The Perfect Curl With A Styling Brush

Most of us are used to picking up our curling iron to curl our hair. Some of us use hair straighteners if we are looking for a loose curl, and then there are the hot rollers that will provide our hair with curl. For those of us who have short hair, or layered hair with shorter lengths, I have found a wonderful, fairly new to the marketplace, 1″ styling brush.

Spornette, who makes a wonderful collection of styling brushes, has now added what they call the Spornette 1″ Boar Rounder. This lightweight styling brush is aerated and has boar bristles. Boar bristles on this brush are great because not only will you be contributing to your hair health, boar brushes also remove shed hair which is great while you are in the process of styling. Any time that you can integrate a boar bristle brush into your styling routine, you will be glad that you did. The benefits of a boar bristle brush, whether it be for curling, styling, or just brushing through your hair, you will be enjoying the fact that these type brushes help distribute your natural healthy oils from the scalp to the ends.

What I liked about the Spornette 1″ Boar Rounder brush was that the bristles held my fine hair extremely well while blow-drying each section of hair. The aerated feature helped to calm down some of the heat coming from the dryer and as I unrolled each section of hair from the brush, the hair came out very easily and the curl was just as tight as if I had used my curling iron.

My only word to the wise is to just be aware that any styling brush that has a metal core, will take on the heat from your hairdryer (this is what helps form the curl with your brush) and you want to be certain you are not touching it with your fingers or getting it close to your face or scalp.

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